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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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good afternoon and thank you for joining us today. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm larry beil. we begin today with the ongoing fallouts since last week's presidential election and there has been a lot of this. hateful notes and verbal putdowns and even a swastika in the south bay aimed at immigrants or people thought to be immigrants. abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley is live at a church in san jose that is warning its members to be vigilant. >> reporter: i'm here at a taiwanese church and community center literally just across the parking is an islamic school. no one knows for sure who was,swastika was intended for and the unmiss tack able message in several incidents seems to be immigrants go home.
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two days before the election swastikas were etched in glass at this taiwanese community center. police checked out surveillance video, but no arrests. >> up to the election we thought this is probably more than just graffiti. this may be something people express their feeling, their emotion and put the sign up there. >> reporter: church members say they have been told to go home. we don't want you to here when out in public. it's also happening at this islamic school next door. >> some of our ladies because they wear the scarf, they have had, you know, some negative, you know, comments against them. go back home or something like that. >> this is when they are out grocery shopping or? >> that's correct. when they go to the malls or grocery shopping. >> reporter: the hateful sentiments went a step further at the trail head to mission peak on monday. a woman who went hiking wearing a bandana returned to find her car windows smashed and a profanity-laced note on the
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windshield saying this is our country now. get out. she actually covers her head to protect her scalp due to a health condition. her friend tweeted about it. >> it was kind of shocking to see somebody american-born that grew up in the community and wearing a bandana be mistaken for, you know, a hijab which is kind of ignorant and also, you know, get out of our country, you know. whose country is it, right? i mean, this is all of our country. it was makes america great. >> i forgive whoever did this. it's okay, but i do not -- i do not condone it. >> reporter: in fremont, i'm leslie bringly, abc 7 news. >> reports of hate crimes have streamed in from across the country since election day. the southern poverty law center says more than 400 cases of harassment or intimidation have been reported and in the past seven days there have also been reports of violence against supporters of president-elect drew. one man was attacked in chicago after a car accident. he was accused of voting for trump. coming up later this hour,
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south bay teacher facing possible punishment over comments she's accused of making after the election. stay with abc 7 news for more on the election fallout. download the abc news app and enable the push alerts so you get news as soon it is a happens. >> a woman accused murdering three people is expected in court in oakland any minute now. someone we interviewed more than 15 years ago. dana rivers is a well known activist and has been a key figure in several hoe-profile cases show. 's now suspected in a triple murder that happened just after midnight friday. police say she sild 19-year-old benny wright, his mother and partner and then tried setting a garage on fire to destroy evidence. officer arrested rivers at the scene where the bodies were found. coming up at 6:00, we'll hear from the victims' families in court today. >> a man faces charges today after causing chaos in a parking lot. this is absolutely wild. te scene unfolded on camera.
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these are frantic witnesses trying to stop a driver yesterday in southern california. they say he just attacked his girlfriend. people nearby rushed to help him and he drove his car right into them. the car then backs up and hit a woman who was on the ground, and you can see the drivers pounding on the glass here. the driver has been identified as brian ferrar. he was arrested moments later. and it's certainly feeling like fall out there on this wednesday, and now we have a frost advisory posted for parts of the region. we are in store for a very cold night around the bay area. live doppler 7 showing you right now we've had lots of sunshine. we've got the all quiet scan going on. take you outside and a live look in the south bay from san jose. basking in sunshine but it has been chilly up. >> reporter:. a look at current numbers. in the 50s and 60s. 56 in san francisco and 6 of 0 oakland, the same in san jose. half moon bay at 57 degrees, and a beautiful picture from our east bay hills camera.
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the clouds far off the coast at this hour and into the north bay and inland you see we're holding in the 50s so temperatures right now below normal for this time of the year. future tracker temperatures will show you later on tonight we're going into the 40s and 50s and overnight tonight we'll see a lot of spots chilly into the 40s and some spots likely dropping into the 30s, so it's for that fact that we do have a frost advisory posted for the interior valleys of the north bay until tomorrow morning at 8:00 in the morning. we could get as low as 32 degrees so the winter jacket is needed. look at the next seven days. we start off chilly tomorrow and we're dry which doesn't mean the weekend will be dry and we've upgrade that had storm from a 1 to a 2, a moderate storm. we'll talk about why we upgrade it had and what it means coming up on the full accuweather forecast in a few minutes, guys. >> thank you, drew. fbi agents served search warrants at a home on a quiet orenda street. >> sky 7 was over the scene of what was part of a cyber crime investigation that may involve more than one city. abc 7 news anchor eric thomas
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live in orenda with more. >> indeed. at least some of the agents involved belonged to the bureau cyber crime task force and they seized enough evidence from a home on this block to fill the trunk and the back seat of one of their cars to the brim. >> a team of no fewer than eight fbi agents spent two hours at this home on marago way. they would bring out computers periodically and hard drives. agents at the scene wouldn't say anything about the investigation, but fbi sources tell abc 1 news that the search is part of a broader probe into theft of satellite signals also known as satellite piracy. >> satellite piratesy means a hacker or a pirate uses technology to avoid paying more pay tv. typically that means the pirate steals the pay tv shows by creating a fake set top box access card. >> it's not clear what role the occupants of this house may play in this investigation but jimmy scheffler says pirating satellite signals requires
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immense knowledge of engineering and information technology. in orenda, eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> a judge has tentatively rejected pimping charges against the operators of a website that advertises escort services. the state attorney general's office cannot continue ceo and two former owners saying they are protected by a federal law related to free speech. the men were charged by attorney general kamala harris who called the world's top online brothel. >> investigators are trying to find out what caused a duplex to go up in flames overnight. three people were able to escape the fire on cypress avenue, but you can see just how big those flames got. firefighters worked quickly to keep it from spreading, but fire destroyed the house which was up for sale along with a corvette. >> there's developing news right now out of texas where crews are battling a large fire at a recycling center in houston. flames broke out earlier this
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afternoon and not far from where the houston texans play football. the fire is contain to the recycling yard. right now there's no reports of any injuries. the city of san francisco is about to get hit with a lawsuit over the millennium tower. an attorney representing homeowners of that luxury high rise claims that city officials knew as early as 2009 that the building was sinking and tilting and did not inform the public. >> they could have held up the certificate of occupancy for the building. they did not. they could have said these measures have to be adopted before you sell units there. they did not. they took no action other than to support money partners in selling units in a defrauded manner, and that's fraud by conspiracy. >> attorney jerry dodson lives in the building. he says he's filing the notice of intention to sue because the city has threatened to cut off the rights of owners to sue. the city attorney's office says dodson's claims are baseless. the city filed suit against the developer millennium partners
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two weeks ago claiming it knew by 2008 that the building was sinking. millennium denies those claims. >> there are few people happier in the bay area today than san jose state student kendra canigard, the 23-year-old confined to a wheelchair for six years is all smiles after getting her specialized van back. someone stole the vehicle from outside her scott valley home friday. we shared her story last night on abc 7 news at 11:00. a woman spotted it today near the boardwalk in santa cruz and called authorities. kendra says she was amazed by the outpouring of support she received and thanked abc 7 news for getting the word out. >> good ending. good ending there. coming up on "abc 7 news at 4:00," the lesson plan that's making the rountsds in san francisco schools calling president-elect donald trump a sexist and a rates of. and why are these people setting up camp outside a bay area chick-fil-a? the big deal they are hoping to get. i'm spencer christian at redwood empire food bank in
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santa rosa. the abc 7 give where you live holiday food drive continues here. in just a moment find out how you can fight bay area hunger. >> all right, spencer. thank you. at 410:00 a live look at the afternoon commute. this is 101 in san rafael, and as you can see on the left-hand side of the screen that is northbound traffic, and it is heavy. southbound movin
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there's a new controversy in san francisco public schools. the teachers union sent out a newsletter to members saying president-elect donald trump represents hatred and intolerance and then offered up a lesson plan for discussing the election. >> and that lesson plan is stirring up more controversy today. abc 7 news reporter amy hollifield has the details >> reporter: lesson plan was written by a teacher at mission high school and given to all industries cohigh school prince palace. the author writes teachers have a role to play to help make sense of the new reality of president-elect drew. the teacher says let us please not side step the fact that a racist and sexist man has become president of our country by pandering to a huge rates of and sexist base. we asked patients at mission
4:14 pm
high school about the plan. >> he's done racist and sexist things, so if they want to let them know about what he's done that's rates of and sexist, then it should be okay. >> reporter: lesson calls for one open mike. during the discussion the teacher is told to offer hope and empowerment, tell them we do not have to go anywhere, not to canada or back to any place we came, from and do not tell them we lost and have to accept this. some appreciate the message while others are ready to move on. >> i like it. i really do. i think it's empowering the kids and pushing the kids, and i think it's good -- i voted for the kids to -- to vote being at 16 years old, you know, because their future and i believe in our kids' future. >> i think it should stay away. it happened, it happened so what can we do about it. >> reporter: this lesson plan did not come from the school district. a spokeswoman here says this was just an optional guide. it was not mandated. it came from the teachers union,
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united educators of san francisco. in san francisco, amy hollifield, abc 7 news. school district officials in the south bay are interviewing a high schoolteacher who allegedly told a student they might be deported once president-elect trump takes office. this happened at oak grove high school in south san jose. the teacher apparently made the remark when a student refused to stand when the national anthem is being played. that teacher who we're not naming is placed on administrative lead. she would face reprimand or possible suspension. a decision could come as early as tomorrow. >> tomorrow shareholders for tesla and motor city will vote on the two bay area companies. san mateo-based solar city isn't a good bet. tea nearly $3.5 billion in debt and had roughly $150 million in cash at the end of the second quarter so they supporters day seas necessary for tesla to
4:16 pm
being and integrated sustainable energy company. >> it's the most complex business model that you get out there and that makes everything complex for the stock. >> the question is this really a strategic merger, or is it real kind of a bailout of solar city which is just burning through cash? >> reporter: ceo elon musk has big plans for the merger. his idea is for tesla showrooms to become a one-stop shop-for-all your energy needs. cars, home batteries and solar panels. >> a new recycling program was unveiled along san francisco's waterfront. abc 7 news was along the embarcadero where recycling canisters have been installed in order to keep discarded fishing line out of the bay where pelicans and other wild live might get caught and injured. the idea was put forward by a documentary filmmaker and incredibly three months later it's now reality. san francisco kicked off a major public health effort today to reduce cancer in the city.
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>> many high-powered partners are joining in on this and abc 7 news ainge or krintsy is here with more. >> reporter: larry and ama, think of this as san francisco's cancer plan called sfcan. usc thought of the idea and brought in kaiser permanente and the cancer association and it's to provide our residents with cancer screenings and at a city hall news conference this morning he said along with other leaders that this is funded by a $3 million donation to ucfs and they will focus on the most common cancers, prostate, cancer, liver, colorectal and tone co--related cancers, they will improve access to screenings, clinical trials and health care. minorities and the poor are most likely to be left out right now. the result, african-americans have by far the highest cancer mortality rates as shown by the
4:18 pm
green bar in this ucsf graph. >> they also have a very strong sense of social justice and doing what's right even if it's difficult. so putting all that together i can't think of a better place in the world to do this. >> reporter: cancer not only kills but hurts the city's bottom line. hospital and health care for cancer patients cost san franciscans about $213 million. that's per year. to find out more about the sf can initiative we have a link on our website >> all right. thank you so much, kristen. >> all right. spencer is out in the field. we'll join him in a few minutes and drew tuma is here and i checked twitter a few minutes ago, and you've upgraded the storm impact. >> we have. >> on saturday. >> it has gotten upgraded. tonight there is a cuddle alert. i don't think that's officially sanctioned. >> cuddle alert. >> it's windy. >> and feels like winter almost and then we'll focus our attention to the wet weekend on
4:19 pm
the way. live doppler 7 showing you it's been a quite day and live doppler 7 giving you the all clear with a lack from the mt. tam cam saying the day has been filled with sunshine and that wind gusting over 30 miles per hour at times certainly puts the chill in the atmosphere. look at numbers right now. certainly feels like november out there. you step outside and you can feel that wind and the cool weather. 56 currently in san francisco and 60 in oakland and th same in san jose and 60 in napa and 61 the current number in antioch. overnight tonight it will get chilly, especially in the north bay where we'll drop into the 30s and that's why we have a frost advisory in effect overnight and a cold start for everybody first thing on your thursday and it will be a chilly afternoon once again like it was today. so for thursday, equally as beautiful out there. a lot of sunshine, but it will be breeze and it will be cool. 649 high in oakland and the same in san jose and a cool 60 in san francisco and fairfield only getting up to 63 degrees. plan the next three days following thursday and friday.
4:20 pm
no weather issue. we start up with sunshine and we i'm crease that cloud cover and then as we get into the weekend, that's when we see not one but two storms, and it looks like the stronger storm is coming on saturday. that's why we have upgrade that had storm from a 1:00 to a 2:00, a moderate storm and the winds are actually picking up with this system's arrival so the storm impact scale. this is going to be a 2 on saturday, a moderate storm. the heaviest it looks like it coming in the morning. winds 20 to 40 miles per hour will start in the north bay and will start in the south bay. future weather starts you off on friday at 5:00. overnight as we get into saturday very early in the morning, the rain begins to move in and by saturday 10:00 in the morning and this is when we're expecting the heaviest of the rain with this first wave and also the strongest of the winds between 20 and 40 miles per hour. as we go into the afternoon on saturday, it looks like the rain is going to shift its focus south around san jose and redwood city and livermore and taper to scattered showers on saturday night and then on sunday you notice another wave moves in and will bring us more wet weather for the second half
4:21 pm
of the weekend. total rainfall, a wide range and it looks like everyone will get some rain out of this. the highest in the north bay and still even in the south bay likely half an inch of rain. accuweather seven-day forecast shows you tomorrow it is cold in the morning, but bright in the afternoon and sun to clouds on friday and saturday it's not only the rain, it's also the wind in the morning and then on sunday it's lighter winds but still rather wet and isolated showers on monday, sunny and cold on tuesday and another chance of rain coming on wednesday. >> cuddle alert through when? >> through whenever you feel like. >> this is not really meet logically. >> just stay warm. that's the point. >> thank you, drew. >> well, coming up, green friday, the effort to get you out of the mall and headed to the outdoors on black friday. >> plus, giving back this holiday season. we'll tell
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abc 7's 25th annual give where you live thanksgiving food drive is helping bay area food bankser is the more than 840,000 people who go hungry each month in the bay area. >> stagger number. >> astounding. >> well, spencer christian joins us live from santa rosa at redwood with just how critical that localed into bank is to meet the huge and critical need. >> abc 7 is proud of its 25-year partnership with the feeding america food bank from santa rosa to san jose and on behalf
4:25 pm
of abc 7p and our parent company disney i'm proud to present this big check, $15,000 to david goodman who is the ceo of redwood empire bank. good to see you again and give us an idea of how much this contribution and donation means. >> this will put out 30,000 meals of people in need throughout sonoma county. very, very exciting. >> and the need is ever growing. >> that's been growing ever since i began food banking 22 years ago so we see nothing but growth and this support helps us meet need. >> have quite a special effort going on here with your volunteer program and have a food education program and what can you tell us about this year's effort. >> this year we're particularly interested in helping people make it through the tough times of the holiday. it's a time when there's tremendous pressure on families to experience normalcy and we'll be directing that to those families. >> i know one in six people in sonoma county is food inskurks and some -- many of these people don't know where their next meal
4:26 pm
is coming from you from and with your help the holiday season will be a lot brighter. >> it's not only your help but your help as well. >> make a $10 donation by texting the word feed to the number 80077. larry and ama? >> thanks, spencer. >> looking for something to do on the day after thanksgiving you can get a free pass to 116 california state parks, all pat of an effort to get people to spend time outdoors instead of in malls on black friday. more than 13,000 free day use vehicle passes are being given out. go to and get your pass and learn more about that on coming up at 4:00, transition troubles? the president-elect says it's not true. what we've learned about his road to the white house. plus -- you're now the president of the united states. >> it's the real life scenario
4:27 pm
behind the abc drama designated survivor. >> and the best thing they can do is to try to relax in order to help themselves. >> but relaxing it wasn't. the lawyer accused of molesting his c
4:28 pm
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and here's what's making
4:30 pm
headlines hat 4:30. the fbi raid at home in orenda this morning in an investigation that may be linked to satellite piracy. the bureau removed evidence from the home on marago way and the agency has released few other details. new at 5:00 from abc 7 news reporter vic lee, the state court of appeals is hearing oral arguments on a legal challenge to block the warriors' planned move to mission bay. opponents are worried the crowds will hurt traffic and hospital access. the principal of pittsburgh high is denying allegations from and the yok police that he participated in a student protest of president-elect donald trump. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony will have the school district's response coming up at 5:00. while president-elect donald trump remains hidden from the public he's taking high-profile meetings inside trump tower as he's trying to determine who will fill key posts in his
4:31 pm
cabinet and rejects reports that the transition is in disarray. >> reporter: the transition of power continues. vice president joe biden sitting down with vp-elect and team leader mike pence today. critics now saying the process is clouded in confusion. one of trump's national security advisers forced to resipe, governor chris christie ousted and ben carson declining consideration for a democratic slot and democrats on the hill with up in arms over white house counsellor to steve bannon and the connection to the alt-right. team trump reminding their transition time line matches other administrations as trump continues to host a steady stream of potential cabinet nominees at trump tower in new york city. >> you don't form a federal government overnight and these are very serious issues and very serious appointments. >> reporter: but not everyone is excited to be associated with the trump brand. trump's name was removed from a few buildings in manhattan after
4:32 pm
residents petitioned to have it changed last month and just like many parts of the country protests have rocked trump's hometown nearly every day since he was elected. new york city mayor bill de blasio with trump today to voice the protesters' concerns. >> i also raised concerns about some of the messages and some of the rhetoric that for so many people have been hurtful. >> we're still waiting for the first press conference from the president-elect and what his transition team was asked about when that would happen, they said soon. abc news, washington. the president-elect hasn't let his tweeting habits slide. today donald trump tweeted i am not trying to get top-level security children for my children. this was a typically false news story. however, a source with knowledge of the situation told cnn jared kushner, ivanka trump's husband, could likely end up with top national security clearance as a key adviser, a position he's expected to take, but it hasn't
4:33 pm
happened yet. police say retaliation is the likely moist for yesterday's fatal shooting at roy wojers airport in oklahoma city. lloyd louie shot 52-year-old southwest airlines employee michael winchester outside the airport. buoy also worked for southwest until resigning last year. buoy quit after showing signs of being under the influence of alcohol at work. >> it's believe the crime was premeditated and the suspect armed himself and went to the airport with the intention of shooting someone. we do not know if mr. winchester was the intended victim. >> winchester was not buoy's immediate supervisor so it's still unclear why he was shot. the suspect was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound shortly after the incident. >> a lawyer has been found guilty of hypnotizing several clients so he can molest them. marcy gonzalez has the story. >> reporter: an ohio divorce
4:34 pm
lawyer behind bars after admitting to hypnotizing six of his clients without their consent or knowledge and then molesting them. >> he used my trust in his position as my attorney to gain information about my vulnerabilities. >> reporter: michael fein pleaded guilty in the case that started in 2013 when according to legal documents one of his clients notice that had after the appointments her bra was disheveled and could not recall the entire duration of the meetings. suspicious she began tape recording her conversations learning disturbing details about their meetings she says she didn't remember, explaining that fein began to use code words to get her no a translike state and engaged in a sexually charged discussion saying things like at the count of three you won't be able to control yourself. >> he would say that he had had some relaxation techniques, that the best thing that they can do and try to relax and help themselves. >> the victim took the recordings to the police. they centered into the next meeting with fein wearing a wire
4:35 pm
and video recording leading to his arrest. >> the fact that she has the wherewithal to take this to police and they put this undercover video on her and then they have the evidence where this is what forced them to me. >> reporter: he pled guilty to five counts of kidnapping and one count of attempted kidnapping and all with sex yua motivation. he said he accepted responsibility for what he did wrong. >> and fein has been sentenced to 12 years in prison and has been permanently disbarred. marci gonzalez, abc 7, news. >> today nasa provided this view from space of the wildfires that are blazing across the southeast. the fires are burning across four states, georgia, step see, north and south carolina. the chestnut knob fire in north carolina has burned over 4,600 air, while rough ridge blaze in georgia has burned close to 40,000 acres. arson is the suspected cause of
4:36 pm
these fires. >> the u.s. geological survey has discovered a huge oil and natural gas field in the midland area of west texas. the so-called wolf camp formation is in the permian basin, one of theest oil and gas regions in the united states. it could hold around 20 billion barrels of oil worth up to $900 billion. drilling techniques like fracking will be needed to reach the oil. the bay area's chevron corporation owns the largest portion of that land. well, this comes as seven u.s. senators including barbara boxer and dianne feinstein asked for a ban on drilling off the coast. they asked for a permanent ban to replace the moratorium first put into place by george h.w. bush. >> coming up, toys a big brother to the rescue, incredible video just ahead. the young boy who helped save his little brother from a scary fall. >> i'm abc 7 news, a live flock our emeriville camera, sun going down at 7:00 p.m., a chilly
4:37 pm
night on the
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well, for many this is an offer just too good to pass up. look at all these tents. sky 7 was overhead as these diehard chicken sandwich fans set up camp outside this brand new chick-fil-a in pleasanton this morning. they are hoping to score free meals for a year when the restaurant opens up for business tomorrow. the first 100 people in line will receive a digital card
4:40 pm
loaded with 52 free chick-fil-a meals. >> wow. >> well, a 9-year-old florida boy is being hailed a hero for saving his baby brother from danger. take a look at this video. you can see the mom, you can see her legs there and she turns away from the 11-month-old son on the changing table and the baby begins to roll over and falls off and big brother joseph though just jumped into action. >> i felt like something came and just pushed me forward and when that happened i just ran and caught him. >> he just did it. the mom of five says her son is a hero and she hopes the video will be a lesson for others. >> and after a cool day we're in for a chilly nice, especially in the north bay. a frost advisory in effect until 8:00 in the morning. this area you see shaded in blue. this will see some of the coolest temperatures overnight in the 30s, so lows about 36 in santa rosa and 37 in napa and elsewhere 39 in fairfield and the same in morgan hill and 49
4:41 pm
in san francisco and dropping to 48 in san jose. after that cool morning we jump ahead into the weekend and we're tracking our next storm. it's 2. it's a moderate storm. we're expecting the heaviest of the rain and the strongest of the winds to occur saturday morning, so future weather will jump ahead and the rape is starting in the north bay and shifting into the south bay and it will be heavy at times first thing on our saturday. that does coincide with the stronger wind. future tracker wind kusts show winds likely anywhere from 30 to 40 miles per hour as the storm moves through on saturday. accuweather forecast going to show you tomorrow, a cold start and sunny afternoon. go from sun to clouds on saturday. a two on saturday, it's rain and windy and sunday another storm moves in. warm with scattered showers and even until wednesday another chance of another storm. >> a big game on sunday. >> poncho needed. >> in berkeley. >> all right. >> still ahead on "abc 7 news at
4:42 pm
4:00," working out can get more than your body in shape. what some say it does for your mind. >> pl
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for it a years abc 7 has
4:45 pm
partnered with bay area food banks to forward feed our communities with the give where you live news drive. >> spencer christian joins us now live in santa rosa at the redwood empire food bank. spencer? >> larry and ama, one of the startling facts is that 28% of those served in that figure that you mentioned are children and joining me right now is someone to tell us about the programs here at redwood empire food bank. this is alison goodwin director of the programs. this is the farm to family school pantry program. tell us about that. >> so it's a program that the food bank has had for the last seven years, and it serves about 2,000 children bookly at their schools so nine schools throughout the county, and we have -- we served breakfast items for families and then fresh produce, vegetables and protein, dare to, and they are getting fed every week for food to take home to their families. >> how many per week? >> families at all different sites throughout the county,
4:46 pm
elementary school. >> that's how great the need is and help remedy the need by texting the word feed to 80077 for a $10 donation. back to you, larry and ama. >> in today's wellness report the government is the cracking down on homopathic products. >> and yo-yo dieting could be dangerous for your heart. >> reporter: homopathic items will be held to the same standards of other products that make health claims. the ftc say some of these product are nothing more than alcohol and water. some products do still make claims they can actually treatment ailments or relieve pain despite no scientific evidence that that is true. yo-yo dieting may increase the risk for increased heart disease in post-menopausal women. researchers studied women for 11 years recording fate at all times due to coronary artery disease and sudden cardiac disease.
4:47 pm
yo-yo dieting in normal weight women was associated with a 60% risk, according to the research. researchers at the university of wisconsin in madison looked at the brains of non-athletes who were either sedentary or recreational active and looked hat how reactive their bloos vesz else were. people with higher fite necessary had bet from the nasdaq, i'm jane king. here's to your health. americans are still signing up for obamacare despite president-elect donald trump's vow to repeal it. the department of health and human services said so far at least a million people have selected plans in 2015 during open enroll president and more than 300,000 people signed up in the days following the election. according to obama administration projections some 11.4 people are expected to enroll in 2017.
4:48 pm
dramatic scenario behind the drama "designated survivor." at catastrophic event wipes out the president and government. kiefer sutherland plays a low level cabinet secretary that survives and he becomes president. lauren lyfter has more. >> some kind of explosion in and around the capitol building. >> reporter: the cinematic doomsday scenario the real u.s. government always prepares for. >> sir, you are now the president of the united states. >> reporter: a plan in case the president and other constitutional successors to the white house are killed in an attack. >> if all of the designated successors are killed at the same time there is under the constitution literally no one running the u.s. government. that can never happen. >> reporter: abc news consultant dick clark ran the so-called continuity of government program for nearly a decade.
4:49 pm
he says there's at least one time every year it's used. >> vice president cheney, members of congress -- >> reporter: state of the union address. from a secure locati location. in 2007 it was the u.s. attorney general at the time, alberto gonzalez. >> my fbi detail drove me to andrews air force base. there were a group of individuals there from various departments and agencies all carrying the black binders, and their job was to advise me in the event i assumed the presidency. >> reporter: clark is the only official ever to deploy the program during a crisis during 9/11. >> we asked the speaker of the house to leave washington. we landed the helicopter on the grounds of the capitol, got the speaker to the helicopter and flew him out of washington. >> reporter: all to make sure there is always a designated survivor to take over in the white house. >> so help me god. >> it suddenly hit me in the middle that have speech somewhere, oh, my gosh. >> reporter: lauren lyfter, abc
4:50 pm
news, los angeles. and you can watch "designated survivor" tonight right here on abc 7 and then stay with us for "abc 7 news at 11:00. >> coming up at 11:00, they are in many everyday products that we have in our home and why do some suddenly explode? >> it's completely unpredictable. there is no way to look at a battery and say that this is the one that's going to be troubled. lithium ion batteries are in more and more of your gadgets. abc 7's michael finney looks at what can be done to make us all safer. that is tonight at 11:00. >> this is fun, what do steph curry, drake and dave chappell all have in common. all of them were completely freaked out by magician david blaine on abc's special "beyond magic" last night. take a look at this. >> is my mouth empty. steph. >> yeah. >> is my mouth -- >> hold on. make sure my mouth is empty.
4:51 pm
is my mouth empty. >> yeah >> steph was just completely grossed out by this trick. >> what was that? >> that's a frog. >> it's a living frog that somehow he swallows and then regurgitates, and he did it with three frogs. >> did the frog ask for that? i mean, come on. >> i don't think the frog signed a waiver. >> i don't know how he does that. he caught a bullet supposedly in his mouth. >> that was crazy. >> i don't know if that's real or what, but it's -- dave chappell is completely freaked out. stop. all right. >> abc 7 news continues. you can see an unusual "monday night football" game right here on abc 7. it will be played in mexico city. coming up what players are doing
4:52 pm
to prepare. and right now kristen is here with a look at what's ahead at 5:00, larry and ama thanks. how senator dianne feinstein just balanced budget amendment line in the sand for the next nominee to the supreme court and no one near the border. why the next immigration battleground may be at your local college campus and the stress of christmas shopping is now measured scientifically. these stories and
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4:55 pm
all right. preparations under way for a big football game on monday night. the raiders are in mexico city against the texans, and you can watch it right here on abc 7. >> yeah, the logistics though much more complicated than usual. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman is live at raiders headquarters with a few of those details. wayne? >> reporter: not an ordinary game. they are going pack more than the regular gear. they are packing their own food. they are packing their own water, and if you've ever gone down to mexico and begin to feel a little ill maybe you understand why they are taking such precautions.
4:56 pm
they are not even mess around with the atmosphere. it is not the pentagon but it might be close, a building filled not with state secrets but football secrets. inside, a code of silence. >> got lots of things going on. i would rather not say. >> reporter: everybody is so seek credit. >> that's how it is. >> peering between the cracks here's what we know. this week the raiders traveled to mexico city for a monday night game against houston. they had been getting ready. >> your passport is up to date? >> yeah, yeah. >> reporter: good, because there's another issue as the 49ers learned against the arizona cardinals when they played in mexico city in 2005. altitude will be an issue. mexico city is 7,400 feet above sea level, that's thin air, enough of a concern that the raiders sent latavius murray in advance to scout the conditions. his report. >> yeah, i've been over twice now. >> reporter: oh, come on now.
4:57 pm
give us more. >> what did you do? >> i worked out once inside in the hotel room, and that was indoors. >> reporter: according to rumors some of these players have prepped for next week's game by packing training masks that simulate the effects of high altitude. granted, sky 7 saw no such masks when snooping on practice this morning. >> if you're practicing with a mask on, how do you talk to the other guy you're playing against. >> the mask on, you really can't hear them. >> >> reporter: is that a mask denial? >> they are reading that you're training with a mask on. >> oh, man, where are they at. got to show me where they are at. >> reporter: we don't see a mask in his locker, do you see a mask in his locker? >> i haven't seen any. >> reporter: we're with you, but one secret at least is the out. from oakland raiders headquarters in alameda, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> you can see the raiders and texans live from mexico city here on abc 7. our coverage of "monday night football" begins at 5:00 on monday. >> all right. thank you for joining us for
4:58 pm
"abc 7 news at 4:00."
4:59 pm
comes up, the anti-trump protest pitting a police chief against a principal with some wondering exactly who is behaving badly. >> a man finds a swastika etched into the win deif fremont church, and the symbols of hate have many people asking whose country is this. >> reporter: also, tuition hikes are back on the table for uc students. find out how much they could go up. >> and the golden state warriors and the teams battle off the court. >> i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. cold enough for frost in the morning i'll show you how low those temperatures will go. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. thanks for joining us. we begin tonight with developing news. a fight involving young people erupted into gunfire at an east bay park. >> that's right. abc 7 news is live at strawberry
5:00 pm
creek fenway park perkily where two people were wounded in a shooting. it happened just after 3:00 this afternoon at the park's basketball court. >> a witness says about 20 teenagers got into a fight. three gunshots were fired and everyone scattered. police are now searching for evidence and a suspect. and an east bay high school principal is speaking out tonight against allegations from a police chief that the principal was an active participant, and even incited a dis-richt student protest last week. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is live in pittsburgh with more this. all stems from last night's walkout. >> reporter: there's a school board meeting set here at 6:30 and the police chief from neighboring antioch says he does plan to be here and give an earful to the board members here about what he thinks was inappropriate behavior by a high school principal. meantime the district here is standing behind that principal. >> one of our officers actually observed the school principal. witmire actually involved in the protest. >> reporter: did you participate


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